Stop Putting Out Fires

Building a More Efficient and Profitable Law Practice

Jeremy W. Richter

Publisher: Scarlet Oak Press

Available in: Paperback, E-book, Audiobook

ISBNs: 978-1-7336655-0-6 (Paperback); 978-1-7336655-1-3 (E-book)

Have happier clients. Get better results. Make more money.

You can have a more profitable and productive law practice by being a better manager of your clients, cases, and practice. When we are disorganized, we waste time and resources.

Stop Putting Out Fires will give you ideas to have a more efficient practice, more effective relationships with your clients, and a more systematic approach for managing your caseload.

If you want to be more productive, capture more of your billable time, and learn from the hard-earned lessons of others, Stop Putting Out Fires is a resource to aid you in that journey.

At its core, Stop Putting Out Fires will help you build a more productive practice by focusing on three areas:

  • Have happier clients by better understanding their needs and establishing strong relationships.
  • Get better results through more effective case management and litigation strategies.
  • Make more money — not by working more hours — but by setting goals and working more effectively.

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