Should We Shake On It?

A Little Gavels Guide to Agreements

Becki C. Lee (Author), Walter Jaczkowski (Illustrator)

Publisher: Scarlet Oak Press

Available in: Paperback, E-book,

ISBNs: 9781954974050 (Hard Cover); 9781954974067 (Paperback); 9781954974043 (E-book)

Contracts are a part of life. Little kids deal with give & take, trades, and terms & conditions from the time they can talk. There are plenty of books on negotiation, and kids truly seem to be the best negotiators around, based purely on instinct. But people don’t learn the ins and outs of binding agreements until they’re in trouble from one. Our children deserve to start learning how to protect themselves from bad deals.

Should We Shake On It? is a baby step in that direction, using easy-to-understand language and fun illustrations to help kids understand how contracts show up in their daily lives.

This is a companion book to Do You Draw Pictures? A Little Gavels Guide to Intellectual Property.

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