Forging Bonds

The Zauberi Chronicles, Book 3

J. W. Judge

Publisher: Scarlet Oak Press

Available in: Paperback, E-book, Hardcover

The ties that bind may be your saving grace or the weight that drags you under.

In the midst of chaos, confusion, and loss, bonds are forged. Those bonds that withstand the fires and trials will strengthen us and provide cohesion. But there are other bonds as well. Bonds that bind us against our will, that become weights dragging us to depths we are unable to navigate.

Thomas and Agatha are again left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives after tragedy has struck. But this time they are not together. They cannot lean on one another. They must find new ways to cope and new means of overcoming obstacles.

In the third book in the first Zauberi Chronicles trilogy, Thomas and Agatha are pitted not just against some villain, but against time itself.

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