New Release: Do You Draw Pictures? by Becki C. Lee

We are excited to be publishing the work of a new author, Becki C. Lee, who has written a children’s book, Do You Draw Pictures?, that will help fill the knowledge gap that young creatives and entrepreneurs have about their intellectual property rights.

While much of the world around us is framed by intellectual property rights — copyright, trademark, and patent laws — it not something that we often actively think about. And it is certainly not something that children are taught in schools. Because of that, most of the information about intellectual property that people digest is the misinformation that is prevalent in pop culture.

Do You Draw Pictures?: A Little Gavels Guide to Intellectual Property,  Becki C. Lee

Becki C. Lee is an IP lawyer, who wants to change that. Aside from being a lawyer, she is a musician and creative. She has seen the missteps that come from artists, writers, inventors, and business owners not knowing and understanding their rights. And she is empowering a new generation with information. Do You Draw Pictures? is the first in a forthcoming series of books that, through poetry and fun illustrations, will guide and instruct children on their rights and protections the law gives them.

For more about Do You Draw Pictures? and information about where you can purchase the book, check out its page here on the Scarlet Oak Press. The book is schedule for release on October 1, 2020, and will be available in multiple formats: hard cover, paperback, ebook, and audiobook.

The book was illustrated by Walter Jaczkowski.


Stop Putting Out Fires (Workbook Edition)

Scarlet Oak Press is releasing the Workbook Edition of Stop Putting Out Fires. The workbook content consists of three different types of material.

1. Questions to Consider poses critical thinking questions on particular topics and proposes methods of self-assessment.

2. Further Consideration shares additional ideas and thoughts on the topic since Jeremy W. Richter first released Stop Putting Out Fires.

3. Further Reading is ... well ... exactly what it sounds like – additional reading on the particular topic or one adjacent to it.

The Workbook Edition is available as an e-book exclusively on Amazon, so if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can obtain it as a part of your membership.