Stop Putting Out Fires (Release Date: May 2, 2019)

Have happier clients. Get better results. Make more money.

You can have a more profitable and productive law practice by being a better manager of your clients, cases, and practice. When we are disorganized, we waste time and resources. Stop Putting Out Fires will give you ideas to have a more efficient practice, more effective relationships with your clients, and a more systematic approach for managing your caseload. If you want to be more productive, capture more of your billable time, and learn from the hard-earned lessons of others, Stop Putting Out Fires is a resource to aid you in that journey.

At its core, Stop Putting Out Fires is about three things:

  1. You having happier clients by better understanding your clients’ needs and establishing better relationships.
  2. You getting better results through more effective case management and better litigation strategies.
  3. You making more money, not by working more hours, but by working more efficiently, having set goals, and having a healthier practice.

If you pre-order the Stop Putting Out Fires, send your proof of purchase to us at, and we will send you a webinar Jeremy W. Richter is presenting in mid-March on “Law Firm Marketing Myths,” including the audio and written materials, once it becomes available.